HG Current with NJTA Portfolio, From TMF Board Postings results as of 01/23/2012:

Symbol Name Bought Sold/Current Return
EASI (SOLD)06/01/2004 $34.66 01/27/2006 $42.90 +23.8%
PKZ (SOLD)08/09/2004 $31.65 10/20/2005 $55.00 +73.8%
CLZR (SOLD)12/01/2004 $9.80 01/05/2010 $3.00 -69.4%
SHOP (SOLD)04/25/2005 $15.39 08/30/2005 $21.00 +36.5%
TROZ.PK (SOLD)04/07/2006 $4.41 06/30/2009 $0.90 -79.6%
TNT (SOLD)07/20/2006 $99.00 09/04/2006 $93.00 -6.1%
IAL (SOLD)10/10/2006 $38.38 04/02/2007 $53.00 +38.1%

7 Stocks Tracked of 29 Requested, 22 Missing (75.9%)

Portfolio Average Return: 2.4%,   IRR: 2.6%.

A grayed-out row means the stock has been sold, and the sales date and price are shown. Other rows mean a stock is still held and the Sold/Current price is the most recent close price for the stock.

Both simple total gain and IRR (internal rate of return), the best measure of the return of a series of investments over time, are shown. All transaction costs are ignored.

All stock purchases are in equal dollar amounts.

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